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Let Us Introduce Ourselves...

With so many new followers, we want to take a moment to introduce ourselves.. BA Pastures is a poultry farm that uses regenerative rotational farming techniques to grow pasture-raised meat chickens and egg layers on pasture land in Rockford, Michigan.

Now that’s pretty technical with a lot of buzzwords, so let me reword that... We chase (and pull) tiny dinosaurs around the earth so they eat bugs and grass like nature intended which makes their meat and eggs not only the absolute best tasting, but also significantly more nutritious than conventionally raised poultry all while fertilizing the ground.


Does that sound important to you? Well it does to us. We take our farm very seriously because BA Pastures was first started in response to the meat shortages in early 2020. As a family we decided that depending on the current food system was no longer acceptable. In fact, the whole family participates in the farm.

On top of that, we learned the conventional way of growing chicken is unnatural, misleading and honestly, disgusting. This picture shows how conventional chicken is grown.

Conventional Chicken Barn filled with chickens

(Image Courtesy of The Art of Unity)

Raising PASTURED poultry was our direct and opposite response to this.  

Our birds are moved daily on fresh pasture. Besides the grass and bugs, they have space, sunshine, fresh air and are supplemented with local, Non-GMO grains. Although there are several studies that have been done to support the nutrition of pastured meat, the taste speaks for itself. You just have to try it to understand.

And we still haven't gone into the effects of using animals to fertilize the earth. Check out this picture. The left side of grass had chickens while the right side didn't. It's pretty substantial. But we will leave those details for a future post...

Thanks for checking us out. Interested in trying our chicken or eggs? It's super easy. Just order online and pick up at the farm. After you order, you will receive an email when the order is ready for pick up. Hope to see you soon!

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